Beat the Rush with Leaf Blower Service in Woodward OK

Autumn will be here before you know it, and that means your outdoor power equipment, including your leaf blower needs to be doing its job. Schedule Leaf Blower Service in Woodward OK if you live within a 50-mile radius of Searcy Outdoor Power Plus. Remember, if you are not prepared for fall, those beautiful big trees that your partner thought would add color to your front yard could shed their leaves before you are prepared.

If your leaf blower is getting hot when you fire it up it may be time for a Leaf Blower Service in Woodward OK. It may start just fine, but if it begins to bog down and get hot, call in the professional team of technicians from Searcy Outdoor Power Plus. During your Leaf Blower Service in Woodward OK, your coils will be inspected for damage. If that isn’t the problem, your blower will be checked for a fuel related problem.

Your leaf blower could also be suffering from low compression or be dealing with an air leak or a carburetor problem.

If your problems start when you operate your leaf blower high speeds, it could have something to do with the gas. Only a qualified technician from Searcy Outdoor Power Plus will be able to get to the root of your Leaf Blower Problems.

Your Leaf Blower Service in Woodward OK will include an inspection of your carburetor to determine if it needs to be cleaned. The fuel filter will also be checked during your Leaf Blower Service in Woodward OK making sure that it is not blocked. A clogged air filter will keep your Leaf Blower from accelerating. If it is damaged or dirty your technician will replace the air filter.

When it comes to Leaf Blower Service in Woodward OK get ahead of the rest and schedule Leaf Blower Service in Woodward OK before summer turns to fall.

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