Fourth of July Facts from New Lawn Tractor Sales in Woodward OK

July 4, 2014

Although the fourth of July is known for its barbecues, fireworks, picnics and America’s patriotism, according to the best New Lawn Tractor Sales in Woodward OK it is also known for a few things that most folks are probably not aware of.


For the first five leaders of America, the fourth of July was also a day to die. According to the New Lawn Tractor Sales in Woodward OK experts, the second president of the United States, John Adams, the third president, Thomas Jefferson and the fifth president, James Monroe all passed away on Independence Day.


New Lawn Tractor Sales in Woodward OK was surprised to learn that it took the US congress almost 100 years before the 4th of July became a holiday, but that didn’t mean that the rest of the country didn’t celebrate. Even before Independence Day became official, folks celebrated the signing of the Declaration of Independence with Boston being the first city to call the fourth of July a national holiday.


According to New Lawn Tractor Sales in Woodward OK, America got what has to be the largest birthday present from the French. Lady Liberty was delivered on July 4, 1884 and was shipped in hundreds of pieces from France. New Lawn Tractor Sales in Woodward OK was amazed that the Statue of Liberty actually took four months to put back together. Although Lady Liberty was intended to be dedicated on America’s 100-year birthday, it was not officially presented until 1886.


New Lawn Tractor Sales in Woodward OK loves fun facts about the fourth of July including the story about the miners in Colorado who blew up their own local post office on the 4th of July. Apparently, the men in Swan City were upset because the town did not give them any fireworks.


This Fourth of July enjoy yourselves, stay safe, and head over to Searcy Outdoor Power Plus tomorrow for New Lawn Tractor Sales in Woodward OK.


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